Positioning lasers are generally used for the meticulous positioning and alignment of workpieces.

We supply positioning lasers with a variety of different designs. Positioning lasers are generally used for the meticulous positioning and alignment of workpieces.

These powerful products produce reliable line straightness with precise, fine line drawing. Top quality is always our first priority. For manufacturers and craftspeople alike in the wood, stone, metal and textile industries, the lasers are suitable as highly accurate positioning aids.

Laser projections of lines, crosshairs, or patterns derived from design data simplify and speed up the everyday work process. The use of positioning lasers also increases quality and reduces errors, saving significant costs. Line lasers or lasers with cross or point optics are also used for marking and positioning – particularly in the production of tires, or medical technology. From the alignment of tyre mounting machines, to patient positioning, to the correct placement of format saws and drilling machines, along with many other practical uses – our lasers can be found in a wide variety of machinery. To find out more about the products below contact


The ZM18 family is a long-proven product line that is useful as a positioning aid in image processing applications. With a Ø 20mm laser head and an M18 thread, they are easy to attach and can be used in a variety of ways.
The ZM18B positioning laser is available in red or infrared wavelengths, offers simple focusing mechanics, and powers up to 160mW with full water and dust protection.



ZM12 laser modules are equipped with a Ø 15mm laser head and an M12 thread, suitable for applications with limited installation volume, such as small sensors and measuring heads. The ZM12B offers a simple focusing mechanism and powers up to 80mW with complete water and dust protection. This is the entry-level model of the series.



This small laser module is ideal for the textile industry, and is therefore mainly used for positioning applications in the textile sector.
The ZT laser’s interchangeable optics make it very flexible. In addition, the adjustable light intensity always guarantees high visibility. Due to its small size (16 mm diameter), the ZT laser is also suitable for integration into existing systems. Furthermore, we offer optical output power of 1 mW and 5 mW. This allows us to fulfill the 1M and 2M eye-safe laser classes.



Cross laser for positioning tasks
This robust laser module for positioning tasks can be used in all industries where a highly visible crosshair with thin lines is needed.
Main fields of application include Aligning fabric on spreading tables.CNC milling (eg., in the wood industry)
The laser module contains two laser diodes of 15 mW each. This allows a particularly for visible crosshair to be projected. At the same time, the lines are extremely fine. Thus, the laser attains a cross projection of up to 4m x 4m at a distance of 3m. The integrated power supply guarantees high immunity to interference. Red and Green lasers available



Flexible circular laser

The ZKV laser model is a red (or green) positioning laser for alignment applications involving round objects. The positioning aid projects a red circle onto any work surface. The circle’s diameter is infinitely adjustable between 15 ° and 70 ° via the joystick on the connected control -at a 1 m working distance, this results in a circle diameter of 27 cm to 140 cm, for example!



Universal mini laser module with line, dot or cross projection
The ZD laser module can optionally display a line, point, or cross projection. It is often used as a positioning laser in the wood, stone and metal industries. With a laser head diameter of just Ø11 mm, it can be used universally.



Battery-operated laser with line, point or cross projection
The ZA laser module is unique because of its patented battery supply. As a small size wireless laser module, it is industrial-grade yet particularly practical.
The maintenance-free magnetic on / off switch controls the patented power supply via a 1.5V AA battery or a 1.2V battery. A line, point or cross projection is available in a red wavelength (635 nm) with 1 mW – 5 mW of power.
The positioning laser is used in the wood, stone and metal industries and has a diameter of Ø20 mm with a length of 108 mm.



Positioning laser with asymmetrical line optics for maximum line length
The ZR Positioning Laser is a durable product with a casing diameter of 40 mm. Its integrated power supply coupled with a high immunity to interference also allows for easy handling of the device. This helpful positioning aid is particularly suitable as an entry-level model for use in harsh environments. The asymmetrical line optics of the line and spot laser allow for maximum line length.


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