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New Lenses designed for large sensors

The VS-L(V) series is especially designed for large sensors up to 90mm in length, with integrated vibration resistance, a large selection of various adapters, high resolution and high contrast. This makes the VS-L(V) series an exceptionally excellent choice for any line scan application.

  • Up to 90 mm sensors
  • 13 models available
  • Up to 2k,12k &16k
  • Variable mounts
  • Distortionless

New 20 MegaPixel Camera

The Imaging Source has expanded its product portfolio with four new camera models featuring the Sony 20MP IMX183 CMOS sensor. The new colour and monochrome camera models are available with a USB 3.0 or GigE interface and support the USB3 Vision and GigE Vision standards. The IMX 183 is a back-illuminated 1" sensor with high sensitivity, good image quality and excellent colour reproduction, featuring a rolling shutter with global reset. In addition to applications in microscopy, the cameras are suitable for a variety of inspection and measurement tasks. Combining the cameras with the new range of Imaging Sources 1" lenses (12mm to 75mm focal lengths) results in a high-resolution camera system with a particularly good price to performance ratio.


The Imaging Source 20MP Camera

New StreamTouch digital recording software

New StreamTouch digital video recording software comes with an easy to use interface that is compatible with touch screens or applications requiring a simple and easy to use GUI.
StreamTouch is ideal for factory floor, airborne, or in-vehicle applications requiring a simple point and click GUI
Compatible with either touch screen or mouse use
Easy to use GUI
Ideal for multiple camera acquisition
Factory floor troubleshooting
Web break monitoring systems for your production line
High speed recording capability


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