Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is an electro-technical company which is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility

Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is active in the field of:
Their pre-compliance measurement equipment and IC Test System, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world.

Langer EMV-Technik GmbH  offer development support advisory assistance in solving EMC tasks in module development. 

Thanks to their strategies and measuring methods they are able to solve EMC problems right on the module efficiently, quickly and at low cost.They pass on the knowledge that they acquire through their work in practical experimental EMC seminars (in-house seminars for their customers or public seminars). 

The company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Bannewitz near Dresden.

For more information on Langer EMV products call 01635 30345 or email sales@alrad.co.uk

Disturbance Immunity

Measuring System

Mini Burst Generators

Optical Signal Detection

Burst Detectors

Disturbance Emission


Measuring System

RF Transformer

Near Field Probes


Scanner Field Probes

Training Equipment

IC measurement

IC Test Equipment

Emission - Line Conducted

Emission - Field Coupled

Immunity - line Conducted

Immunity - Field Coupled


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