Image sensors from three leading manufacturers

  • CAELESTE - The supplier of beyond state-of-the-art custom designed CMOS image sensors
  • CMOS SENSOR INC - CMOS Sensor Inc. is a Silicon Valley semi-conductor company that designs and manufactures high quality electro-optical image acquisition solutions.
  • DYNAMAX- Dynamax® Imaging, LLC designs, develops and manufactures leading edge CMOS Image Sensors. Our industry leading technology comprises of an extensive portfolio of patents and features our remarkable Active Column Sensor™ (ACS) architecture.

Space and Scientific

Caeleste Image sensors for space applications
Large area devices, designed for fault tolerant operation, combine high-speed operation, low noise operation and high dynamic range to cope with unexpected illumination conditions without blooming.
In low orbit missions the ground resolution is almost uniquely determined by the line rate of the image sensors. Hyperspectral devices require the readout of tens, if not hundreds, of lines in a few milliseconds time frame.
Due to special design techniques, their radiation hardened image sensors have low sensitivity of dark signal for Total ionizing dose. Their image sensors are immune against Single event latch-up and single event upsets. Also the effects of SE Functional interrupts can be minimized.
Their experience in other application fields allows them to design reliable sensors in wavelengths ranges outside the visible range. With partner foundries the image sensor processes are optimized for the UV and NIR range. We are also designing ROICs and frontend electronics for dedicated detection materials and FPA’s.
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Medical and Life Sciences

Cutting edge image sensors
Image and photonic sensors are used over a very broad wavelength range to support medical diagnostics and life-science experiments. 
As large part of the medical imaging diagnostics is based on X-ray technology.
Caeleste can offer wafer scale devices suited for single photon and even energy resolved X-ray imaging. In this way the dose for the patient can be drastically reduced.
X-ray imagers can be based both on indirect or scintillator based detection (typical sensitivity in the order of 1000 e-/photon) as well as on direct detection schemes for ultimate performance (with.10 000e-/photon).
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Industrial and Professional Imaging

Custom image sensors for industrial applications
High speed imaging -
Fast phenomena can only be studied, when recorded at high frame rate. This requires special architectures with low noise read-out chains to compensate for low light levels.
Sorting & hyperspectral imaging
Colour fidelity is the keyword for sorting applications. Whether a linear or area detector is used; the colour signal shall remain unchanged over the full array.
Quality inspection
Vision is the ideal non-contact technique for quality inspection. Global shutter, high speed and high dynamic range are important to cope with fast throughput and low light environment.
Food safety
Stimulated light processes, like fluorescence and Raman, are becoming available as in line inspection tools. They require image sensors with precise integration control and high gain, low-noise operation.
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Contact Image Sensors

CMOS Sensor Inc 200 dpi contact image sensors come in a wide variety of designs and sizes from 304 mm to as small as 12 mm scanning length. The M106 series of modules is based on our 8 dots per millimeter C106 silicon. The modules have from 1 to 3 video outputs, these devices can be configured to meet your specific design needs.
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Space Sensors

CMOS Sensor Inc make a range of Image sensors designed for space applications.  These include sensors for terrain mapping, hyperspectral imagers and multispectral  sensors 
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Area Sensors

CMOS Sensor Inc manufacturer a range of area image sensors for:- 
- Aviation Camera
- Car surveillance
- High resolution surveillance camera
- Highway surveillance
- Homeland security
- Super train surveillance  
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Linear Proximity Sensors

CMOS Sensor Inc manufacture a range of linear sensors from 250mm  to 1.25 meters.  Applications include:-
 - Glass inspection
- LCD, OLED process inspection
- LCD, OLED panel inspection
- Thin film solar panel process inspection
- LCD back light panel inspection
- PCB inspection
- Web inspection
- Printing press inspection
- Textile inspection
- Metal can inspection
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Linear Image Sensor Module

CMOS Sensor Inc scanner head modules available with 1024 or 2048 pixels.
- Large panel touch screen
- Spectroscopy
- Optical encoder
- 1D bar code reader
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One to One Image Sensor

For security applications, the new C608 optical fingerprint sensor chip is an ideal solution. It is capable of scanning fingerprints through thick cover glass (2.5D glass or thicker) with high resolution and high performance, making it possible for the industry to achieve clean, button-free designs.
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Area Sensors

he DYN0174 from the DYNAMAX® family of sensors is a high performance CMOS image sensor designed for ultra high definition video and machine vision applications. It achieves high sensitivity, high speed and low noise with Dynamax® Imaging’s proprietary Active Column Sensor (ACS) technology. A Distributed Analog to Digital converter (D/AD) eliminates gain variations between rows. Correlated Multi-Sampling (CMS) can be used to further reduce noise or add gain. Learn more...


Line Scan Sensors

DYNAMAX® produce a wide range of linear sensors with varying resolutions and functionality for a wide range of applications from bar code reading, position monitoring and a host of machine vision applications. Learn more...

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CMOS sensor evaluation kit

The Dynamax® DYN0032/DYN0021 Evaluation Kit allows the user to view, capture and analyze full-resolution video from the Dynamax® DYN0032 (3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor) and DYN0021 (2.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor). The primary interface is Gigabit Ethernet for video capture and control. There is also a DVI output to drive a 1080p multi-sync monitor directly.
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