Alrad is pleased to be able to offer you the NoIR range of Laser Shields high quality laser glasses


Are you looking for Quality Laser Glasses or windows? 

Providing a coherent approach to laser protection for the global community of laser users.
Look Smart:
Laser glasses for medical, dental, industrial, scientific and military applications. CE-certified LaserShields exceed US and international laser safety standards.
NoIR-an independent laser eyewear specialist is dedicated to new product development and custom frequency absorption. If a stock laser safety glasses is not available, contact us to design a custom solution. Quality laser goggles at competitive prices.

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Safely View Lasers Laser protection window with Laser Viewing Windows

Laser safety viewing windows are intended to provide protection from lasers. They are excellent for use in enclosures, walls, glove boxes and windows.

Laser Safety Viewing Windows are not intended to replace laser protective eyewear (laser glasses or laser goggles) or other laser safety products that maybe required.

More information can be obtained by calling 01635 30345 or email with your requirements.


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