We offer a comprehensive range of lenses from leading manufacturers

Every camera or image sensor needs a lens. At ALRAD we can source lenses from accross the globe. Details of our lens suppliers are given in the table below. Keep scrolling down the page for more information about each supplier and links to their own web site.
But, perhaps the easiest way of selecting the right lens for your application is to contact our experienced sales staff who will be able to advise you. Send details of your requirements and application details to sales@alrad.co.uk and we will be pleased to send you a quotation or call us on 01635 30345. 
  1. ADL are an established lenses manufacturer offering a wide range of lenses including varifocal, day and night, machine vision and motorized zoom lenses
  2. Computar provide a wide range of lenses for CCTV applications featuring products with good near infra-red response for a wide range of security applications.
  3. Fujinon supply an extensive range of high quality lenses including fixed and varifocal, zoom, non-browning, day and night, plus machine vision lenses
  4. Kowa is a good choice for either Machine Vision or CCTV lenses. Megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, telecentric lenses, and large format lenses.
  5. Lensation are a German supplier of "S" and "C" mount lenses, as well as telecentric and macro lenses for a variety of applications
  6. Opto Objectives for machine integration, versatile zoom lenses, high performing fixed magnification lenses for different applications as well as telecentric lenses.
  7. Opto Engineering® designs and manufactures optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers.
  8. Ricoh have a range of machine vision and industrial lenses. These include line scan camera lenses with 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.
  9. Questar are a specialist in long range microscope lenses

  10. Spacecom are another supplier carrying a wide range of lenses including day and night, Zoom, machine vision and pinhole lenses.
  11. V.S. Technology have a comprehensive lens range including marco, telecentric, line scan, zoom and CCTV lenses
  12. Associate Suppliers

              Azure manufacturer in China and offer machine vision, germanium, CCD mini,                    motorized zoom and CCTV lenses

              Goyo  produces a wide range of lenses for machine vision and security       

              Schneider range of lenses for line scan camera applications

              Vision and Control offer a wide range of telecentric and entocentric lenses

              Volpi offer specialist optics for endoscopes



ADL is a global supplier of high quality CCTV lenses,with over
20 years experience in CCTV lens design and manufacturing.
Range includes:-
- CS mount lenses
- varifocal board lenses
- Machine Vision lenses
- Motorized zoom lenses
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For more than 40 years, Computar® has set the standard in optics for innovation and quality across industries including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision, defense, security and life sciences. They have a lens solution for you.
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Alrad is a dealer for the Ricoh range of machine vision and industrial lenses.These include line scan camera lenses with 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.
The range, currently in excess of 150 lenses.
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Kowa offer a range of lenses for Industrial image processing systems used for the automated visual monitoring of production processes and quality inspection. As the lens is the first  component that captures the image its selection is very important.  Learn more...



Lensation manufacture a comprehensive range of lenses including .
- C-mount
- S -Mount
- Macro lenses
- Telecentric lenses
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Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering® designs and manufactures optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers. Telecentric lenses and optical systems for imaging, sensors, metrology, lighting and lasers.
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Questar produces long range microscopes and telescopes for consumer, military, police, security, aerospace, and industrial applications.
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Fixed focal length lenses are applicable for Machine Vision and CCTV: the Machine Vision lenses feature high resolution, low distortion and a compact, lightweight design.
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Space manufacturers a wide range of camera lenses Day&Night , Aspherical , High-Speed aperture F1.0 Zoom , Mega-Pixel , Machine Vision, CCTV Security, VariFocal Lens, IR Lens and Mono-Focal Lens 
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V S Technology

VS Technology is a company that manufacturers Machine Vision Optics. The products include macro, telecentric , line scan, zoom and CCTV lenses.
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AZURE's lenses are widely used in industrial application, medical industry, construction, telecommunications, military, environment monitoring, life sciences, public security, bio-technology, aerospaces and various other high-tech industries. Learn more...



Schneider provide a wide range of industrial lenses including C Mount, F mount, Machine Vision, Telecentric, 3 CCD, and Ruggedized lenses.
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Vision Control

Telecentric lenses depict objects without perspective distortion. The image scale remains constant when the working distance (the distance to the object) is changed.
This allows precise measurement of three-dimensional objects..
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Goyo Optical Inc. produces lenses used in machine vision and CCTV applications. Lenses include 12 megapixel rated fixed focal lenses, lenses with day/night (IR corrected), 1” and larger formats, auto-iris, fixed focal, and vari-focal types, motorized zoom, and specialty fast aperture F0.95 and 3-CCD models. Learn more...


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