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Vision Systems and Smart Cameras

Machine Vision is our speciality.

At Alrad we can provide you a complete solution for your industrial imaging application. We have launched a new Vision Systems page on our website.
Alrad has been well known for a supplier of Vision Components but can now offer solutions for machine vision applications through its partnership with other companies.
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Alrad now offer BlueVision Multi -Wavelength spectroscopic cameras

Bluevision Ltd., Japan develops and manufactures various multi-sensor line scan cameras and single chip area scan cameras. They employ Bluevision Core Technology, an optical signal processing based on prism spectroscopic technologies and handle from visible light area to SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) area by separating different wavelength or area. Those cameras will provide effective discriminant criteria to various non-destructive inspections such as solid state wafer, fruits, food, tablets or other packaged goods or plastic recycling. In addition to those cameras, they supply compact HDTV cameras and Auto Focus HDTV cameras mainly for surveillance or other general purposes. Learn More

New 20x Optical Zoom Cameras 
The Imaging Source announces the launch and immediate availability of the first in a new family of GigE zoom cameras featuring 20x optical zoom, autofocus, autoiris with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The cameras are available as colour and monochrome variants and feature the Sony Pregius 3.1 MP IMX265 sensor. This sensor's global shutter ensures distortion-free imaging (even for fast-moving objects) and delivers high frame rates as well as high dynamic range and brilliant color reproduction. The cameras' precise stepper motors quickly adjust zoom and focus with complete zoom transition (i.e. from fully zoomed-out to fully zoomed-in) in under 6 seconds.
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Claxon CXP4 Frame Grabber

Introducing The Claxon Platform
BitFlow has been shipping CoaXPress frame grabbers since 2012. The standard has not stood still and BitFlow has continued to advance its products. The latest is the Claxon, a quad CXP-12 PCIe Gen 3 frame grabber. 
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 CXP-12 is the latest CoaXPress speed jump, now transmitting video at 12. 5 Gb/S. While the speed of data through the frame grabber has doubled, the overall architecture has remained the same as the previous generation Cyton, allowing user to easily migrate to the newer cameras without major software changes.


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