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Coherent’s high-performance laser diode modules

Coherent’s high-performance laser diode modules, measuring only 19 mm in diameter, are the StingRay and BioRay product families.

Modular design using the industries’ premier laser diodes, the StingRay and BioRay deliver best-in-class performance. High-quality glass optics and sophisticated drive electronics deliver the power and control to your application to improve signal-to-noise and measurement speed. Features include elliptical beams or laser line generators to serve your application needs.

Available in wavelengths at 405, 450, 488, 520, 639, 640, 655, 660, 685, 785, and 830 nm with output powers including 1, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, 90, 100, 150 and 200 mW.

StingRay and BioRay also include the micro-focus (uFocus) and the BioRay FR (fiber-ready).

StingRay Lasers
StingRay is the highest performing top-hat-profile laser available that comes in a variety of fan angles to create the line you need for measurement and profiling applications. Offering focus adjustment the StingRay can allow the user to optimize the focus location for the best measurement resolution.

Select StingRay also include the μFocus and Fiber-Ready (FR) versions.
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PowerLine Laser
A laser line generator developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications.

Coherent’s PowerLine structured light laser is a line generator developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications. Bridging the power gap between the popular SNF and Magnum series lasers, this thermoelectrically cooled device is able to emit uniform laser lines at high powers. With exceptional beam pointing and focusing stabilities, the PowerLine laser can be operated in extreme environments ranging from -20°C to +55°C. The laser beam can be modulated by an external signal through a DB-9 connector on the back panel and all models can operate in either CW or external modulation mode. The laser is protected against over-voltage, reverse polarity of the power supply, over-temperature, and ESD
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